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“East Meets West” The 2020 Mayo Clinic International Sports Medicine Conference

Dates & Locations

Sep 04-06, 2020
Tokyo - Japan Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel


Course Director: George Pujalte, M.D.
Co-Course Directors: Daniel Montero, M.D. and Raul Rosario Concepcion, M.D.
This conference will give attendees the confidence to accurately diagnose and treat sports-related conditions, and the knowledge to determine appropriate testing and referral criteria, learning from some of the most experienced sports medicine practitioners from all over the world.  In this iteration, from Asia and the United States. This conference will supplement skills learned in residency and early medical, nursing, and physical therapy practice, allowing participants to fill in gaps in their training, and reinforce existing knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions, diagnosis, and treatment. Comparisons of how these are done and algorithms followed in Asia and the United States will be revealed, and be part of the attendees’ body of knowledge, walking into scenarios where their expertise may be required to treat athletes and active individuals using internationally-recognized approaches.